15 Terrible Pictures Taken By Real Estate Agents

What would your dream home look like? Would it be a rustic farm hidden deep in the woods or maybe a penthouse in Manhattan? Would the interior design be more traditional or perhaps a reflection of all the latest trends?

While it is fun to think about the perfect house or flat, the reality of real estate listings is far harsher, and the choices are often really scarce. Thanks to a blog called Terrible Real Estate Agent Photos, we want to share with you how, ahem, creative some of the listings can get. 

#1 If The Weather Clears Up Later I Might Mow The Pool

#2 Wake Up Eric, The Agent’s Here. And For Heaven’s Sake Put Some Clothes On

#3 A Rare Chance To Own The Opening Scene From 12 Different Horror Movies

#4 If Separated From The Mother Too Early, Young Fire Extinguishers Can Struggle To Adapt

#5 You’ll Never Guess What I Just Passed On The Stairs

#6 This Christmas, Turn Your House Into An Actual Advent Calendar

#7 Best Make An Early Start If You Want To Reach The Sofa Before Sundown

#8 On Cold Winter Nights There’s Nothing Quite Like Curling Up In Front Of A Roaring Toilet

#9 “I Think I’m Beginning To See A Pattern” Said Holmes

#10 Buyers Are Advised To Leave The Fridge Right Where It Is

#11 A Rare Opportunity To Acquire A Sacrificial Dungeon Simply Bursting With Original Features

#12 Blog Idea: Reasons My Fan Is Sad

#13 Some People Like To Read While On The Toilet. Others Prefer To Be Inundated By Multiple Confusing And Contradictory Reflections Of Themselves, Repeating Into Infinity

#14 Script Idea: Marie Antoinette Travels To The 1990s And Moves In With A Monkey Pirate

#15 Not Yet Bernard. Feeding Time Isn’t Until 6:30

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