Photographer Captures Awesome Photos Of A Lion Sleeping In A Tree

Wildlife photographer Vince Burton snapped rare photos of lions sleeping in trees in Uganda.

“Can somebody please help me and call the fire brigade, my kitty is stuck up a tree?” Burton wrote on Facebook.

Photo Credit: Vince Burton Photography

Burton says that lions, unlike leopards, are not known for their tree climbing ability.

This is because they’re much larger, heavier, and, well, clumsier.

Photo Credit: Vince Burton Photography

But lions in Queen Elizabeth Park in Uganda must have mastered this skill.

Burton also snapped photos of two female lions perched high in the trees during the afternoon nap.

Photo Credit: Vince Burton Photography

Burton believes they did this to possibly catch more of a breeze on the hot day.

Or perhaps to escape the pesky flies that sometimes plague them.

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